Vacuum Handling System

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  HANDLING EQUIPMENT -- [ Vacuum Kerb Stone Installation ]

The easiest way to install kerb stones – this contribution to healthy working practices will pay for itself!

  • Using our Kerb Stone Installation Machine you will be able to install the heaviest blocks of all types and sizes up to 150 kg effortlessly.
  • Optimal logistics: Suction - Lifting - Laying are all completed in one manoeuvre. The complete pack of kerb stones is carried along and each one is placed straight away at the exact spot along the guide line. (Current time and motion studies confirm that there is enormous room for improvement in the transportation and installation laying process!). Using the Jumbo BV you can work economically all along the line.
  • The Jumbo BV can easily be used to lay 400 lfm per day. Your employees will be thrilled - you will have your deadlines under control and health and safety consideration will not fall by the wayside.
  • The strong vacuum-power does not only grip concrete but also uneven natural stones. Its robust construction makes it hard-wearing day in, day out. High quality material components guarantee reliability and a long life. The equipment will pay for itself many times over not just in pennies but in pounds.

Previously a job for the big boys

  • Even today 80 – 150 kg kerb stones have to be lifted at least twice – once when they are being arranged and once when they are actually laid. That can damage the small of the back and the knees, leading to pain and premature wear and tear on the joints. It is impossible to achieve a constant, calculable output of work. Nobody wants to do this type of work anymore. Older workers suffer from chronic backache and few of the younger ones will avoid such a work.
  • The economic division of labour in the kerb stone installation processes between arranging and laying then often leads to wasted working time, difficulties with deadlines and a lot of hassle. This is now a thing of the past, as the Jumbo BV heralds in a new era.

Now – a job for feather-weights

  • Today almost anybody can take up kerb stone installation – even feather-weigths. Muscles and a strong back are no longer needed. The Jumbo BV from Probst lets you lift and lay granite and concrete kerb stone effortlessly.
  • The logistics are exemplary. The complete pack of kerb stone is carried along and each one is placed immediately at the exact spot along the guide-line. All it needs is a little manual guidance.
  • New: The lifting and lowering of ther kerb stones is done via a vacuum switch.
  • It is that easy. Let your workers enjoy the best quality working conditions.

This is how the Jumbo BV works

A new attachment for all types of wheel loaders with a fork-lift carrier. Equipment includes an integral fuel engine and a vacuum compressor. The vacuum lifting unit consists of a lifting hose, valve unit and gripper. All parts are of an interchangeable modular design and so can be used for other installation work and with other materials. The jib boom is easy to manoeuvre, can be locked into place and has a range of 4 m. The mast is brought down hydraulically to its vertical position from the wheel loader and so the jib boom is always able to swivel gently.

  • For transportation purposes from the storage area to the building site, the device is collapsible due to a hydraulic cylinder. Once at the building site it is easily flange-mounted to the wheel-loader using claws and is thus ready for use in an instant
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