Vacuum Handling System

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  HANDLING EQUIPMENT -- [ Vacuum Slab Laying Machine ]

The Efficient Work method:

Every road-construction and landscaping-enterprise who wants to gain a margin under the difficult economic conditions must have a realistic look at the costs. With its efficient way of operating the vacuum slab laying machine Jumbomobil JM you save both, costs and human energy.
The innovative technique makes it possible that one man can lift heaviest slabs (up to 200 kg) light as a feather with the JM. Without expenditure of energy he can transport
weightlessly with the swivel arm and position and shift accurately within shortest time easily 300 sqm per day!

  • The application possibilities are enormously versatile. The strong vacuum power does not only grip concrete surfaces but also rough natural stone- or washing-exposed aggregate concrete surfaces without any difficulties. Worldwide slab-layers are enthusiastic about the easy handling even with different formates and shapes.
  • Without any problem already installed slabs can be lifted and installed again. Large saving of time when working with natural stone slabs as well as with restoration work e.g. at historical places.
  • Health-careful way of operation !

For the easy, exact and economical laying of slabs up to 200 kg.

  • Suitable for concrete slabs, natural stones, slabs with exposed aggregates, large pavers, petrol station pavers, environmental pavers, gutters and much more.
  • Extremely easy and light laying as the lifting and setting down are done by a vacuum hose lifter.
  • Give your workers a better way of working!
  • Exact positioning of the slabs by means of a smooth-running pillar swing crane with very low dead weight.
  • Slabs which have already been layed can easily be lifted again.
  • Quiet vacuum generation using an electrical motor, or alternatively a fuel engine.
  • Can easily lay up to 300 square metres a day.
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