Vacuum Handling System

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  HANDLING EQUIPMENT -- [ Vacuum Hand Laying Device ]

Slab laying without bending over!

With this new inexpensive hand laying tool all kinds of slabs can be layed quickly and above all, ergonomically.

  • The powerful single phase (110/230 V) powered vacuum turbine also allows the quick and safe handling of very porous material as well as material with exposed aggregate surface.
    Quick Positive Suction Action (0,5 sec.).
  • Handles individually height adjustable, for example to lay steps by operators of different height. Universal suction plate (size 40 x 30 cm) (16 x 12 in) - Carrying capacity 75 kg (165 lbs) - for alomost every application.
  • Suction plate replaceable with custom configurations. For weights up to 120 kg.
  • Time saving techniques, simple handling!
  • Textured surface products are no problem.
  • With this new value priced equipment, hand setting of slaps of all kinds can be done quickly, efficiently, and safely, providing the latest in ergonomic design.
  • With this equipment you are complying with the Health and Safety Regulations.

Increasing productivity and higher working quality

By the innovative technique and the powerful vacuum force, all kinds of slabs - even heavy porous material - as well as slabs with uneven surfaces, are sucked, lifted transported and installed quickly and securely.

  • Handles individually height adjustable (important for users of different heights).
  • Two short handles (in lower position) make easier the taking-off from high stacks of slabs.
    Working method takes care of health !
  • For different jobs and weights we recommend special suction plates (modular principle): In no time the suction plate is attached to the Speedy. Maximum carrying capacity up to 120 kg.
  • The suction-plates are equipped with a special lowwear seal which is - if necessary after a very long period of use - exchangeable within seconds.
  • The handles can be folded down for easy transportation (see picture). Lightweight design - only approx. 16 kg dead weight.
  • Galvanize
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