Silo Control System
Siloweigh - Know how much in your silo at all time

Siloweigh - Know how much in your silo at all time
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General Features:
  • Gives weight in tons and level in percentage in one display.
  • No plant shut down during installation.
  • No. Structural modification and easy to install.
  • Sensors are bolted to 4 legs of the silo.
  • Maintenance free
  • Change in surface profile of contents inside the silo has no effect on silo weight, meansures the weight of available quantity.
  • Siloweigh gives four alarm output.
  • Easy to connect Save & Safe Syste, ( Deewan System) with Siloweigh.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • No. distance limit between silo and control cabin, to install Silo Weighing system.
  • Siloweigh. Net is an additional system works through internet to monitor and control the weight of material in Silos of plants fromm various locations.
  • Siloweigh measures the actual weight of the silo contents (cement, micro silica, powder and liquid etc) to give exact available amount on hand.
  • Silowegh is the first silo weighing system to use sensor ( strain gauges) which bolted directly to the silo legs. This method eliminates the need to lift the silo onto load cells, making it easy to install.
  • The bar-graph displays for one or several silos are housed in a signle conve nient cabinet.
    Displays exact weight, level of the cement in the silo and indicates four alarm output's set point status.
  • Siloweigh continues to give exact weight of contents of the silo even with the cement solids inside the silo due to moisture or humidity, where as other sensors gives erractic output/readings.
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