Silo Control System
General Features:
  • Siloweigh.Net is an inventory management and control system to monitor the weight of material in silos located across various sites.
  • Connects to local computer network as a webserver, allowing any computer to view the bar-graph display, uses standard web browser. No special software necessary.
  • Up to 24 optional programmable alarm outputs capable to running lamps and horns in standard or custom alarm configuration with individual reset.
  • Transmit all data to aa silweigh.Net sergver via local internet connections for data backup and monitoring from anywhere via SILOWEIGH.NET.
  • History trend graphs and alarm logs available for all vessels through internet, viewable anywhere in the World. (password protected).
  • The Siloweigh.Net SQL database is housed on a commercial server with professional maintenance and backup service to ensure your database is never lsot, is secure from hacker attack and is available to you all time whether you choose to link the Siloweigh.Net database to your own company database or use SILOWEIGH.NET's services for all your needs, the Siloweigh.Net server is your source for sil data.
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