Shotcrete & Gunite Machines

"Wet process shotcrete" a low-slump concrete mix is pumped with a concrete pump to the end of the pipeline where a special "Shotcrete nozzle" is attached.That shotcrete nozzle introduces compressed air to the concrete.this compressed air typically comes from a 165-185 cfm air compressor - sold seperately.The addition of the compressed air adds velocity to the concrete so it sprays out of the nozzle.

Shotcrete Pump allows the concrete to be sprayed on slopes,vertical walls, and overhead.
Gunite also known as "dry process shotcrete",.Gunite machines use air pressure to convey dry material from the machine through the hose to the nozzle were water is added.

REED's powerful M2200 Pan Mixer can mix a 3000 lb batch of shotcrete / concrete materials. The M2200 will mix a 1 ton super sack (2200 lbs) of material in 3 minutes. The mixer then quickly discharges the material into the pump hopper to be either sprayed or pumped.

The M2200 features:

  • Variable Speed Mixer Blade Rotation (Hydraulic Motor Drive, 59 RPM maximum, Torque 13762 Nm)
  • Manual Retractable Legs, 4 each
  • ForkLift Tubes and Lifting Eye Kit for Easy Lifting and Transport
  • Work Platform with Control Box and Safety Railing
  • Quarter Panel Safety Gates Cover with Cutoff Switch
  • Stainless Steel or Plastic Water Tank for Precise Water Measurement (optional)
  • Bag splitter (can be removed to fit mixer in shipping container)
  • NEMA 4 Fully Enclosed Weather Proof Control Box mounted on operator platform

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