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Our reliable and powerful products are specified designed for paver installation and paver installation and paver transportation, making installation work more economic, efficient and comfortable.
Future-orientated technology - modern design.
Universally suitable for laying all common paving stone configurations.
Consequent modernization / improvement of the well-established installation machine VM 203.
New Features:

  • Big, large-scale driver's cabin with absolutely scratch-resistant safety glass, excellent all-round view and high comfort. Side walls can be removed, doors can be opened.
  • Excellent view of laying edge.
  • Cabin heating for an adequate working climate.
  • A control panel with futuristic joystick which is fixed firmly to the driver's seat always enables the ergonomic positioning for drivers of different size.
  • Modern, sturdy electronic PLC-control system with switch to select the following processes:

Manual operation
All movements of the installation clamp can be controlled via joystick and pedals.
Semi automatic
Additionally all movements of the pushing-off device are controlled automatically.
Any distinct movement can be controlled by the joystick at any needed time.

  • Counter for work cycles.
  • Hydraulic rotator between clamp and boom for an exact adjustment of the installation clamp from the drivers seat.
  • Stereo-radio with cassette player.
  • Working lights at front and rear.
  • Integrated, i.e. absolutely damage resistant, wide angle rear view mirror, no "dead angle"!
  • Optimized hydraulic system for a rapid, energy saving working process.

Well proven components have been kept:

  • Hydraulic installation clamp HVZ-uni.. for an exact and gap-free installation - a saving of time without any further adjustments
  • Rapid manoeuverability and absolute stability are achieved by a double-articulated steering and a favorite positioning of the center of gravity.
  • Unobstructed 360 degree viewing angle for installation
  • 3-cylinder-Kubota-Diesel-engine, 18.7kW / 25hp. - for high capacity reserves. Advantage: it always enables an operation at a medium speed level (low noise level)!
  • Emission-reduced according to ECE24 and CARB1 standards.
  • Sensative hydrostatic front wheel drive.
  • Extra wide tyres and different track widths of the front and rear axle ensure a low degree of stress on the uncompacted pavers as well as a smooth drive.
  • Wide diameter tyres and high ground clearance, therefore suitable also in rough terrain.
  • Wide pivoting range of approximately 1,600 mm from a standing position is achieved by a steering movement - and without shifting of the pavement.
  • Double articualted steeringenables manouverability in the tightest spaces. All outer edges are adapted to the steering geometry which which means that when there are obstacles there are no protruding vehicle parts
  • High lifting enables the handling of double stacked packs up to a height of 1,600mm thus , saving a considerable amount of driving-time
  • Narrow swing means that, even at a great lifting height, the positional stability of the machine is not affected. This combined with a low overall height, isimportant when operating in underground carparks.
  • Wide-diameter tyres and elastic clamp suspension for smooth driving effect.


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